Syrian Volunteers Netherlands



“Refugees are more, they are people who care about the society where they are currently living and want to contribute”


Integrate refugees


By contributing to Dutch society through initiatives with a local, social cause, refugees are able to interact with the heart of Dutch society while gaining a sense of self value.

Rebuilding Syrian Society

“We want to establish strong bonds between the Syrian and Dutch communities through joint projects. These bonds are key to the social integration of new Syrian resident and will aid in the future rebuilding of Syria”

Learning to Care

“There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’, there are just problems that need to be solved”  

NT2 Welkom

NT2-Welkom is a program to teach the Dutch language and provide cultural and social support.

Terra Luna

Help us with establishing Terra-Luna children choir!


Facilitation Studio aims to create a network of refugee facilitators who provide a portfolio of workshops in line with the SYVNL mission: social integration, combating stereotypes, and establishing social bonds.


Active Refugees enables refugees to give back and grow through local community projects.


Support us by making a donation to Stichting Syrische Vrijwilligers Nederland.
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