Our Story

SYVNL was established in response to the Syrian crisis by a group of young Syrians living in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands has witnessed an influx of Syrian expatriates over the past several years, arriving unfortunately as refugees. Understanding the individual toll it takes, SYVNL recognizes that a refugee status is not a choice. Refugees are more, they are people who care about the society where they are currently living and want to contribute. It was with this understanding that the SYVNL was born (Syrian Volunteers Netherlands).

SYVNL – a small non-profit, non-religious, non-political organization with big goals. Established by a group of Syrian youth living in the Netherlands as a proactive response to the Syrian humanitarian crisis. Soon after the birth of SYVNL, volunteers from the Dutch community strengthened our organization.

The story of SYVNL is catching on and spreading. We are connected with the refugee camp at the Havenstraat in Amsterdam, with the Dutch Salvation Army, OXFAM NOVIB, the Dutch Red Cross and the University of Amsterdam, among others.

SYVNL is an inclusionary organization that promotes diversity and welcomes all active citizens!


Our purpose is to give back & grow
1 Give back by participating with local initiatives.
2 Grow by supporting refugees and strengthening refugee networks.
3 Grow by establishing strong bonds between the Syrian and Dutch communities.


build a network of active citizens who give back to their communities, grow as volunteers, and gain expertise to support refugees and rebuild Syria.


SYVNL has three core goals:
Refugee Integration – A holistic approach

By contributing to Dutch society through initiatives with a local, social cause, refugees are able to interact with the heart of Dutch society while gaining a sense of self value.

Combat Stereotypes

We want to raise awareness about the true spirit of refugees as people who want to work, develop themselves and contribute to the social order.

Rebuilding Syrian Society

We want to establish strong bonds between the Syrian and Dutch communities through joint projects. These bonds are key to the social integration of new Syrian resident and will aid in the future rebuilding of Syria.


2016 – 2017