Portfolio 2016

Since becoming officially registered in February 2016, we are connected to more than 75 volunteers who have been working in 100 community service projects. Also, our database has more than 600 volunteers in different cities in the Netherlands ready to participate and make an impact. We gave workshops and training to more than 200 refugees and locals, along with delivering refugee voices at international summits.

Community service projects

Trainings and workshops participants

Volunteers network

Green Team

A group of volunteers in Amsterdam-Noord are helping people with their garden who can’t do it themselves.

Cultural day with AUC

The AUC-SYVNL cultural exchange days provided an opportunity for guest students and their AUC student buddies to deepen their understanding of each other. We did it 4 times this year.

Holland Festival

The Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music (SNOAM) reunited for a rare concert in Amsterdam at the Holland Festival. As a participating organization, SYVNL has received tickets to invite and organize Syrians who are interested in attending the event.

Internships with Ben&Jerry's

SYVNL worked with Ben&Jerry’s to facilitate several internships for active refugees.


A program to teach the Dutch language and provide cultural and social support. The program contains six workshops.

Community capital workshops

A program to develop the skills of active refugees who want lunch initiatives and support other refugees. 

Halo Halo workshop


A space in which community members, both those from the Netherlands and those who recently arrived, can share their skills, knowledge, and passions with each other in a fun environment.

Support other refugees

A group of active refugees volunteers in Ziest to help newcomers and locals.

Haven Diners

The foundation Haven Diners organize a dinner at Macy’s every Monday, for refugees and locals. SYVNL provides volunteers to help with preparing the dinners, set up the tables, and translating.

Training Vrijwilligersacademie

A training in Amsterdam for refugees who are interested in doing voluntary work in the care sector.

Dinner with students

Together with Utrecht Cares, we organized this dinner to help refugees who want to study through sharing questions and information with Dutch students.

Amsterdamse Bos

An open air theater in Amsterdamse Bos. SYVNLers helped with welcoming and organizing people, give them a cushion, checking tickets and placing people at their seats.