In order to turn the ideas into successful initiatives, the ideas will go into a selection process by applying for SYVNL HUIS support and will provide:

  1. EQUIP
    Once pitches have been voted upon by SYVNL Huis members and amassed a multi-disciplinary team, Huis coordinators will perform an assessment ascertaining what resources are needed to realize the project. SYVNL will source the resources needed for the project either internally or externally by way of partner organizations.  Resources provided encompass among other, financial, human and organizational resources.
    Along with project initiators, Huis will develop an event horizon timing the launch of the initiative. By doing so, SYVNL will ensure the successful launch of projects according to realistic parameters. Event Horizon planning will help structure SYVNL’s promotion of the new initiative enlarging the reach and success of the project.
  3. LAUNCH & Follow-up
    SYVNL activates organizational networks and resources to promote the initiatives amongst the public and relevant target groups.
    From conception, the initiatives will be developed on a trajectory of sustainability ensuring future, independent viability of the project.




SupportSupport details
Monetary support
  • Substantive and technical support
  • *Financial support
  • Training and qualifying
Promotional support
  • Logistic support
  • Administrative support (Internet, contacts, ..)
Practical support
  • Human resources support (volunteers)
  • Networking
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Support in the media and advertising
  • Training and qualifying


*Please note that  SYVNL HUIS will currently only support financially by starting a crowdfunding for the nominated initiatives via our website.

Do you have an idea for a project too?